Hard to Store Items: Tiny Stuff

There are some items that are difficult to store and retrieve using conventional shelving because of their size. This article concerns smaller items that take up much less space than the full depth of a shelf, such as: smaller hardware items, fasteners, air fittings, electronic components, machine tooling, and repair & maintenance items. Conventional plastic shelf bins can waste a lot of space with this type of item. There are bin inserts for these bins, but there are a number of problems with plastic shelf bins with inserts:

  1. There are a very limited number of sizes of inserts that fit inside existing plastic bins.
  2. It can be very hard to get your fingers into the smaller inserts to access very tiny parts.
  3. They are open on the top, allowing dust and debris to accumulate on rarely used items.
  4. You have to remove the plastic bin from the shelf to see inside the smaller bins for picking or inventory.

The best solution for storage of these very small parts is modular drawers with removable bin cups. Modular drawers are designed to be installed in your existing shelving or are available as stand-alone cabinets with drawers in a wide variety of sizes.

Drawer with Bin Cups

Modular Drawer with Removable Bin Cups

Bin Cups

Bin Cups shown with Partitions & Dividers






The advantages of modular drawers with removable bin cups are:

  1. The bin cups come in 2 heights, 2″ and 3″ high, and sizes from 3″ x 3″ up to 6″ x 6″.
  2. Bin cups can be divided into even smaller compartments within each bin.
  3. The bins have rounded inside edges for easy removal of even the smallest parts.
  4. These bin cups are sized to fit efficiently into standard modular drawer sizes.
  5. Bin cups are easily removable for inventory counts or for use at a workstation.
  6. They have a clip in the back for hanging on louvered panels or bin rails.
  7. Each bin and divider has an angled back edge for easy labeling of contents.
  8. When used with a modular drawer system with full extension, all bins are visible when the drawer is open, making for easy location of parts and components.
  9. The bin cups can be integrated with other compartment options in the same drawer, such as: partitions and dividers, groove trays, and foam inserts.

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