Hard to Store Items: Heavy Stuff (#1 of 3)

There are some items that are difficult to store and retrieve from conventional shelving. The first post in this series concerns items that are HEAVY! This can also include items that are awkward to lift or must be picked up in a certain way to avoid damaging the item (or damaging your back when you lift).

There are two basic problems here. Because they are hard to handle, and usually picked less often, these items are often stored on the lower shelves of a shelving system. This creates two problems. First of all, it is harder to store them, as you have to bend over with a heavy or awkward load, pushing or manipulating it into the shelf for storage, you risk injury to your back or knees. The second problem comes when you have to retrieve the item. It has to be dragged out to where you can get a grip on it and then lifted onto a cart or truck or carried away to the location where it is needed.

Modular drawers can provide a convenient solution to this problem. You can order modular drawers with adapter brackets that fit into your existing shelving units. These drawers are available without fronts and sides, essentially creating a pull-out shelf with 400# capacity. This shelf can extend fully out into the aisle creating easy access to whatever is stored on the shelf, whether is a heavy case of product, like oil or fluids; an oddly shaped item, like a set of jack stands; or even a heavy die, that is picked up by an overhead hoist.

Modular Pull-out Shelf

Modular Pull-Out Shelf

Drawers in Shelving Application

Modular Pull-Out Shelf Unit


There are certain restrictions with this type of application. So, contact us if you have specific questions.

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